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Paying this offer you get a license key from the box with the game Medal of Honor Warfighter - Limited Edition is powered by 1C-Softklab to activate in Origin!

Immediately after payment you get a link, which opened on October 1, 2012. at 00:00 Moscow time will get paid goods.

Release of the game, the 25.10.2012

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Caution This limited edition!

• DLC - Sniper US Navy SEAL Tier 1 in multiplayer games on the day the sale. This will help players save about 40 hours of playing time - as an average need to gain access to this character in a normal game.

Bonus 50 rubles - a gift certificate -

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Medal of Honor Warfighter - aggressive, tough, realistic game in which you take on the role of a soldier of one of the elite units of the US Army. In the development of the script participated operatives acting like special squad. Medal of Honor Warfighter shows the truth about modern war and the fight against global terrorism.

Medal of Honor Warfighter continues the tradition was published in 2010, the game Medal of Honor, which was the first in the history of the series is not the action takes place during the Second World War, and in our days. Events of the new game takes place outside Afghanistan.

The Medal of Honor Warfighter tells of a US Army soldier nicknamed Preacher. Back home, the preacher finds his marriage on the verge of collapse. The hero is trying to improve relations with his wife and family back, for which he fought and shed blood. But his plans to live in peace will not come true.


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