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============================= Game Description =================== ==========

Addition to the popular life simulator: The Sims 3 invites to make a voyage to the underworld!

Visit the mysterious town of Moonlight Falls, where the full moon, strange things happen. Here you can create supernatural beings - frightening werewolf, witch insidious, mischievous fairies and, of course, gloomy vampires. You will learn how to prepare dozens of magical elixirs. For what? Well, for example, to turn people into zombies or ... into gold! You can even share your enchanted drink with friends who play The Sims 3. In general, the addition «The Sims 3: Supernatural" takes you into the world of mystical secrets!

Supplement devoted to mysticism and magic - themes never ceases to excite the imagination of people. Now every fan of The Sims 3 can try their hand at magic and communicate with otherworldly forces

\u003cdelivery\u003e The original copy of the key, the license agreement and all copies of the software in its original packaging, you mo
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Activation and installation

1. Download and install the EA Downloader - Origin. (Http://

2. Start EADownloader - Origin.

3. Run the EA download manager and on the "Activate" enter the purchased key

4. Log in using your e-mail and password specified

when registering on the website of EA. If you have not registered on this site, create a new account.

5. Download the distribution (to write "download" - you need to download, and not to put on top of the Pirate).

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