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With 10 years of continuous work on the engine, ARMA II boasts the most realistic open-air battles in the world. The game simulates real-world physics, the interaction of materials, supplementing all this with a change of day and night in real time and dynamic wind, various weather effects of the environment. The simulation of the combat environment is so effective that on the basis of this engine a training simulator was created to train real fighters around the world.
Despite the fact that the game takes place on the territory of the fictional post-Soviet state of Chernorus, the in-game world was created on the basis of a stretch of 225 square kilometers from the real world! The highly detailed landscape of the game is a very accurate copy of the real terrain, modeled using spatial geographic data. The surrounding nature of this region was completely recreated, as well as inhabited by people and various animals. Wild animals walk through the forest while the inhabitants of Chernorus try to survive at the epicenter of hostilities.
The 27th U.S. Ground Intelligence Unit landed near the former Soviet republic of Chernoruss in the third installment of the famous Bohemia Interactive series of military PC simulators, creators of Operation Flashpoint: Cold War and Armed Assault.
The Blade reconnaissance force group was the first to attack. This elite team of five fighters is ready to plunge into the struggle not only for the territory, but also for the country´s population. The power of the US Marine Corps and the Russians, observing from the north, has already heated up the situation to the limit. The future of Chernorus is held on the edge of a knife ...

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