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In this book, renowned French scientist, MD Louis Brower based on indisputable facts prove that modern medicine led by a small but omnipotent group oligarch standing at the head of major chemical and pharmaceutical companies, which manages, thanks to the enormous financial resources, the right to choose the government, politicians, heads of medical institutions. The author comes to a stunning conclusion that the movers and shakers of the chemical, pharmaceutical industry and the agricultural sector have prepared something similar to the plot, which can be compared to the genocide: the more sick people, the more flourishing oligarchs guidelines medicine Western world. And no government, no matter what nation they belong to, will never dare to stake the economic and political balance of their state in order to preserve the health of citizens.

For a wide circle of readers.
In this series, we look at the history books not as a series of random events, as well as a conspiracy against humanity. We believe that there is a world government, the financial oligarchy, which today preaching the ideology of liberalism, globalism, use all means to obtain windfall.


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