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Language: Russian, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Korean, Chinese
Platform: PC
Activation: Steam
Region of activation: Russia, Ukraine and CIS

Dying Light is a thriller from the first person, the events of which take place in the vast and dangerous world. During the daylight hours you will travel through the ruins of cities, search for supplies, create weapons. At night, hunters turn into prey, because this is the time when victims of the epidemic prevail in the streets. The most frightening creatures come in the dark, and you will need to use everything without a trace in order to hold out until the first ray of the sun.

- During the day, nothing will prevent you from moving around the world in search of weapons and supplies. At night, the world changes completely: the infected become angrier and more numerous, the evil incarnation prowls in the dark.
- Walking along the trail or, on the contrary, moving away from your pursuers, you will be able to move around the world as you wish - jump from house to house, climb walls, sneak up on unsuspecting enemies.
- Dying Light offers an open and diverse world, in its open spaces inhabited by a variety of opponents and unfolding dramatic events. Resources here are worth their weight in gold, and infected ones are far from the only threat.
- At your disposal - a wide range of various means of defense and attack: knives, bats, axes, sledgehammers, as well as all sorts of firearms.
- Dying Light supports co-flow - four game characters can be customized for any style of play.
“Why use a simple wrench in a fight if you can wrap it with a wire and get a homemade shocker?” The system for creating items in Dying Light allows you to show imagination and make more powerful weapons and useful equipment.
- Dying Light is created on Chrome Engine 6 - the latest version of its own technology Techland, designed to work on the new generation of consoles and libraries DirectX 11.


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Ну и хочу подарок
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Ключ подошёл, игра активировалась, большое спасибо!
23.07.2016 20:40:31
Отличный сайт.Хочу подарок
16.06.2016 21:24:06
Получил игру dying light моментально после оплаты ,всё замечательно. Хочу подарок! email
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