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Problem number 1
Determine the value of the benefit to the individual have at the optimal amount of production of group benefits if Vg = 100T2-50 = 850 and C = 10T2 + 25 = 115.
 Problem number 2
You need to determine the cost-efficient scale of the firm. Whether and, if so, how to vary your decisions depending on the selected analysis theory of the firm. What will be the size of the company with zero transaction costs, 10 U / transaction, 100 U / transaction? What organizational form would be acceptable? Justify your answer.
Problem number 3
Task number 8
"Inspection control"
Suppose the owner of one of the city´s restaurants turned to you for help: he wants to increase the attractiveness of your restaurant visitors. The appeal of the restaurant depends on the quality of the waiters: how fast they work, how to communicate with customers. And the appeal of the restaurant depends on the income of the owner. In this connection, a restaurant owner hired an administrator, whose responsibilities include monitoring the activities of the waiters. Continuous monitoring is associated with costs for the administrator (to walk around the room, make sure that the waiters comp


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