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Minecraft is an open world sandbox-style computer game in which no specific goals are set for the player - the players themselves choose what to do in the game. Despite this, the game contains a system of achievements - incentive rewards for performing certain actions. By default, the player controls his virtual character in the first-person mode, although he can switch to the third-person mode at any time during the main game. The game world consists of a huge number of three-dimensional objects-cubes (blocks), arranged in a fixed order and representing various objects and materials. If a virtual character controlled by a player can move freely around the game world, then the objects from the blocks remain in their places. Gameplay is based on the destruction of existing blocks and the installation of new ones; destroying the blocks, the player accumulates units of the corresponding material and can install them elsewhere, thus constructing various structures and mechanisms.

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09.02.2022 6:57:29
товар мне понравился я на нём играю я доволен покупкой
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Got replacement, good seller, thank you
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16.03.2021 11:42:27
Всё роботает :)
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Everything works fine!
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Всё работает , большое спасибо
07.07.2020 13:55:20
Всё работает
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Всё отлично!Большое спасибо!
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