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"ARK - it is a great game, in terms of geographical space, content, features, technology, and any other measurements. We - the team of veterans with several hits behind our leaders, and a significant part of the main task, we have already completed, but the project still does not meet all our ambitions. We need the help of the gaming community to make ARK a game about the world of dinosaurs, of which we all dream of from the time when playing with a plastic green T-Rex at recess in elementary school; since when poured tears when watching "The Land Before Time"; since when they tried to imagine "Dinotopia" towering city, and when nearly choked on popcorn thrills on "Jurassic Park." We love the game, and God knows how much we love dinosaurs (along with all other extinct species of flora and fauna), and by means of interaction and communication with the gaming community, we probably have a good chance to create a better, comprehensive prehistoric universe, in which we would like to live and thrive. We started very well, and with your valuable contribution, will go all the way together! "


16.03.2016 13:17:02
Купил, все нормально. Продавцу спасибо!