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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$15 the discount is 5%
$25 the discount is 7%
$45 the discount is 9%
100 thousand (thousand) 75(1.5$) rubles coins = Big discount. Tasty price coins FIFA 17!
Delivery of coins from 1 minute to 10 minutes.
We are working with 08.00-04.00 Moscow time
When 2 or more purchases, you receive a free promo code for a discount of 5% on the purchase of coins </ attention>HOW TO ORDER:

1. In the upper right corner of the page you need to enter the required number of coins (1k = 1000) or the amount of the purchase, and then you choose the appropriate payment method and click on the BUY button. Follow the instructions of the site.

2. After you have paid for the goods you will receive a unique code to be mandatory to inform me (without this code, I can not give you a coin, because the code has a confirmation of your payment)

3. After the first two paragraphs, I will give instructions to be placed on the transfer market players.
Usually delivery takes place coins up to 10 minutes (depends on the number of coins, and the buyer :))deliveryAttentionLeaving a positive review I will cover komissiiyu 5% (which take EA) - it is desirable to leave a review immediately after purchase </ attention>
How it works?
Buy coins n-number
(For example - 100 000)
Then I give you instructions on how many players and what prices should be set to the players (no matter what the quality of the player whether bronze, or gold)
Then it´s up to us - we buy your players - and you will get your coins, and good mood :)
Do you have questions to us - feel free to write, we answer all the questions

Sample message that you should write to me after purchase:
1.Unikalny product code (16 digit code)
2.Tochnoe number of coins kotoryk you bought your 30k (which means you need to put 3 players, for example with the prices in the 7600-10000 3h)
3. Content should be such B33E2567VD26758, 3 players (the starting price of 8600, buy now 10000 6 hours)

Positive comments you get + 5% + free coins if you buy 2 times we coins, get a 5% discount on the promotional code
Delivery of coins from 1 to 60 minutes. (It all depends on the time of day)
We also carry out night bookings


15.09.2017 20:42:07
И снова всё отлично!)
15.09.2017 17:37:09
Всё хорошо! Покупаю уже не первый, даже не второй раз, продавец всегда онлайн и готов пойти на встречу) были небольшие задержки, но все доставили и даже бонусом за задержку накинули) Продавцу всех благ и побольше покупок)
07.09.2017 8:57:06
все отлично
23.08.2017 11:24:08
Хороший продавец))
20.08.2017 15:21:27
Монетки получил моментально, огромное спасибо! Всем советую!
19.08.2017 18:04:09
все как всегда хорошо
17.08.2017 20:40:52
Вторая покупка сегодня все на уровне)))СОВЕТУЮ.
17.08.2017 17:15:00
100к, пошёл тратить :))
17.08.2017 10:58:00
Все отлично и качественно СПС продовцу
14.08.2017 20:44:25
Лучший продавец постоянно у него покупаю монетки)