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74 music channels, a collection of open me playlists from over 2000 channels. The channels were selected only the workers have repeatedly tested by me. Date of last inspection - 15 December 2016. Playlist tested in OTTpleyere ( on the computer and on the Samsung F Series 2013 Smart TV of the year. Also the playlist may be run on a PC VLC media player (e), but Ottplayer preferable. For those who do not know how to install and configure Ottplayer give ssyku on the detailed and clear video lesson: Author lesson will offer up to 2 websites. 1st, this site OTTpleyera (, where you can download and customize the player to a variety of platforms, including TV and Samsung SmartTV and LG SmartTV. 2nd site was needed for pumping khalyavnykh playlists and links to self-updating playlists, but the freebie there is long over, so to register or not at your discretion.
I note that the channels are broadcast by various sites that can turn off and then turn on again tranlyatsiyu can change the address pleylita (if the channel does peretanet work), so for me it does not kick. I recall that at the date of the last inspection (15 December 2016), all channels worked. To be safe, some channels are duplicated.

Channel List:
1. Chanson TV - Check the resolution of 720x576
2. Chanson TV - tested, 640x512 resolution
3. A minor - checking, resolution 720x576 (channel can be switched on after the automatic reconnection Some of the other channels may also be included so.)
4. M1 Music - Check the resolution of 720x576
5. TNT Music - tested, 720x576 resolution
6. TNT Music (rezerv1) - Check the resolution of 720x576
7. Muz-TV - Check the resolution of 720x576
8. MUZ TV (reserve) - Check the resolution of 720x576
9. Music First - tested, 720x576 resolution
10. MusicBoxRU - checking, resolution 720x576
11. Music Box UA - checking, resolution 720x576
12. MUSIC BOX TV - checking, resolution 720x576
13. Music Box - checking, resolution 720x576
14. Europa plus TV - checking, resolution 720x576
15. ALB MUSIC HD - tested, resolution 1280x720
16. HIT V checked - checked, resolution 720x576
17. MuzTV (Azerbaijan) - tested, resolution 720x576
18. Nebiset TV - checking, resolution 720x576 (on my speed - 5 Mbit / s switched podzagruzka)
19. NRJ Hits HD - tested, resolution 1280x720
20. NRJ TV HD - tested, resolution 1920x1080
21. - checking, resolution 720x576
22. (Russia) - Check the resolution of 720x576
23. HD - tested, resolution 1920x1080
24. HD (Russia) - Check the resolution of 1920x1080
25. Polo Party - checking, resolution 854x480
26. Polo Party HD - tested, resolution 1280x720
27. Radio Monte Carlo TV - tested, the resolution 720h432
28. Roma TV - checking, resolution 720x576
29. Roma TV HD - tested, resolution 1920x1080
30. RU TV (reserve) - Check the resolution of 720x576
31. Rusong TV - checking, resolution 720x576
32. Slam TV HD - tested, resolution 1280x720
33. Spirit Television HD - tested, resolution 640x360
34. Standby TV - tested, the resolution 720h404
35. Stars TV - checking, resolution 640x360
36. TOPSONG Tv - checking, resolution 720x576
37. TVM Channel - checking, resolution 720x576
38. VH1 - checking, resolution 720x576
39. Virgin TV - tested, the resolution 720h432
40. Vox Music - checking, resolution 854x480
41. Vox Music HD - tested, resolution 1280x720
42. WAWA TV - checking, resolution 854x480
43. WAWA TV HD - tested, resolution 1280x720
44. Kurai TV - tested, 480x360 resolution
45. Outdoor HD - tested, resolution 1920x1080
46. ​​Peak HD TV (reserve) - tested, 1280x720 resolution
47. Radio Europa Plus (studio) - Check the resolution 718h404
48. Radio Europa Plus (Studio) HD - tested, resolution 1280x720
49. 1HD Music channel - checking, resolution 1280x720
50. Wave 9 - Check the resolution of 720x576
51. Wave 9 (reserved) - Check the resolution of 1920x1080
Immediately after payment you will receive a zip - archive, which will be operating the playlist and file description.


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