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Cheat only works on PC. Only Tencent and Gameloop emulators. The Mobile version of the game itself
More than 3000 sales in the personal store, if there is interest on this site, I can post a version without AIM and other functions, as well as a wide selection of tariffs. After purchase, you will be provided with video instructions for launching and activating. And also my VKontakte link where you can get support from me.

Video Demonstration:

The functionality is often replenished, and also in rare cases we put a mark in the (Danger) menu for those functions that are better not to be used at the moment. Account blocking can be obtained only for reports from other players, so please do not write complaints if blocking does not depend on us. How to distinguish anti-cheat blocking from report blocking? If you were given a block on a report, then you are blocked for a certain time.

- Players / Players:
Box / Boxes
- Info / Info:
Health / health
Snaplines / Lines

- Objects / objects
Ammo / Ammo
Consumables / Consumables
Pickups / Bulletproof vests, helmets, backpacks
Crates / boxes of the dead and airdrop
Scopes / Scopes
Modules / Modules (Silencers, shops etc. etc.)
Vehicles / Technology

Aim Bone: Head - Chest / Head - Body
AimKey / Aim Button
Aim Marker
Crosshair / Sight
- Settings:
Fov Value
Fov Circle
Sticky Aim / Sticking Aimbot
Smooth Speed
Priority By: Crosshair - Distance

No Recoil
InstaHit / Instant Hit

Enemy Dist
Players Color / Color of Boxes and Opponent Lines

You can read about the development of the cheat by the link:
I will be happy to work with adequate people, if something doesn’t work out, write me a VKontakte, the link will be after payment. I can always tell you how I will be online. If for some reason I will not answer you and time will pass, do not worry, as soon as I sit down at the computer I will return you time for waiting.


15.07.2017 21:40:09
Все гуд
23.05.2017 16:36:54
круто чит праста топа
20.05.2017 21:20:50
хак купил на пробу (5дней) все работает,настройки не сложные.
09.05.2017 13:32:16
Отличный продавец! Советую всем!
02.05.2017 12:39:36
Всё классно! Спасибо!
26.04.2017 17:31:48
25.04.2017 9:58:20
Спасибо, хорошие читы!
08.04.2017 14:44:54
Норм такой
05.04.2017 19:19:30
всё отлично работает
02.04.2017 8:25:47
отличный чит. Все очень быстро оплатил и активировал.