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After purchase, you get a unique id by which you get a promo code for your account and domain with a nominal value of 10,000 rubles, without the risk of zeroing.

Yandex.Direct promo code with a face value of 10,000 rubles. for accounts of the Russian Federation in rubles, you can advertise in any country.
Activate the coupon, top up with 10,000 VAT (12,000 with VAT) and get 20,000 (24,000 with VAT) rubles on your balance.

Calculate savings:
To get a balance of 20,000 rubles. without a promo code, you need to top up your Ya, Direct account for 24,000, including 20 VAT.
With the use of the promo code, your costs = "Coupon price" 12000 including VAT 20 for direct top-up in Ya, Direct.
24000 - (12000 "Coupon Price") = Benefit.

Request a coupon within 20 days from the date of purchase.
Discounts for wholesalers.

To get a promo code:
1. Follow the link from your computer
2. Fill out a short form. In the "Unique ID" field, enter the purchased identifier.
The application must contain unique data - mail, phone number, a new second-level domain.
3. Receive an email with your promo code and its expiration date. (The promo code often comes within a day, officially up to 7 working days)
The issued coupon can be used only for the account and domain specified in the application.

You can specify any phone number - there are no checks at the moment, but strictly unique.
If you were refused to receive a promo, it means that in the application you sent the domain that was previously advertised or the phone number that you previously indicated. Apply again with correct details.

ID workers, if you are sure that the domain is new and you are refused, write to Yandex support to get an official answer, only then contact us.


How to activate a coupon:
1. Create a new account at country - Russia.
2. Import or create an advertising campaign with a domain that has not been advertised in Yandex-Direct for 365 days; (1 ad is enough to activate)
3. Wait until the campaign is moderated;
4. Create an invoice, select the payment method "OTHER METHODS"
5. Activate the coupon and pay the invoice in ONE payment. At the same time, it is important to pay exactly the invoice where the promo code was applied and in the initially selected method.
You can top up by any means, for example by credit card, webmoney, paypal ... Payment from legal. face works too.
General conditions for activation of any Yandex.Direct coupons to - everyone should read


After choosing a payment method, do not change it. If you choose one payment method, but pay with another, the promo code will not be automatically credited. Remove all unnecessary advertising campaigns from your account in drafts and archive - there must be strictly one domain per account.

The activated promo code will be canceled if the domain is changed or any other domain is added to the advertising account. In this case, the remaining coupon money on the account will be withdrawn, minus the amount already spent on advertising campaigns.
Do not change the domain in your account before spending the coupon funds, the promo code will be linked to the domain that was in your Direct account at the time of payment.

Do not violate Yandex´s user agreement and everything will be OK.
No merchant, including myself, makes refunds if a coupon is canceled or an account is blocked. If you have banned or rejected a campaign, look for the reason not in the promo code.


16.10.2021 0:26:34
Все гуд, спасибо.
03.08.2021 22:08:16
Все отлично
09.07.2021 23:42:27
Промокод пришёл за 1 день.
30.06.2021 13:31:44
ID код получил сразу, по нему Яндекс через 2 часа выдал ПРОМОКОД.
Ввел в оплату своей новой РК.
Все четко сработало.
За 12 000 (14 000 ) на счете 24 000 р (28 800 с НДС)

Спасибо продавцу.
23.06.2021 12:34:17
Спасибо, получил ID, пришел промокод и пополнился баланс до 24000 руб
22.06.2021 2:11:05
все сработало
03.06.2021 18:17:32
25.12.2020 19:40:21
Всё отлично
20.03.2019 11:11:25
Хорошая цена, спасибо
01.12.2018 23:17:16
Купоны активируются норм