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Released: November 7, 2000.
Age rating: 16
Developer: NovaLogic
Publisher: THQ Nordic
Localization: English
Activation system: Steam
Region: Ru

 Fight with opponents in a variety of conditions, in the role of one of the five charismatic operatives of the Delta Force squad. Features: 30 diverse missions occurring in huge open spaces or inside giant structures;
5 Charismatic Characters
27 types of weapons, among which are silent sniper rifles, powerful machine guns and heart-rending grenades
Delta Force Black Hawk Down Team Sabre (steam) -- RU -
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Delta Force (steam key) -- RU -
Delta Force 2 (Steam key) -- RU -
Delta Force Land Warrior (steam key) -- RU -
Delta Force Task Force Dagger (steam key) -- RU -
Delta Force Xtreme (steam key) -- RU -
Delta Force Xtreme 2 (steam key) -- RU -


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