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⏩ After payment you will receive an activation code for Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition. the activation code will be sent to your mail immediately after payment. More detailed information about the product will be presented below.
You can also activate this code from any other region, for this you need a VPN (if you bought a code and want to activate it from another region, contact support, they will tell you how to do this).*********************************************** *********
Title: Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition
Activation: Microsoft
Product type: Activation code
Activation (use) region: Argentina
Gaming platforms: PC
Validity: Unlimited
Guarantee: Yes
************************************************* ******⭐️ The reliability of your purchase is guaranteed by OUR STORE.
We are the largest store on the PLATI MARKET trading platform with over 3 years of experience. We are among the top 13 PLATI MARKET sellers.
📈 Our store had over 50,000 sales on PLATI MARKET, 5,000 of them with positive reviews and only 16 negative reviews. Also, an important indicator is our BUSINESS WEBMANY LEVEL (BLR) - 260 units, which is an indicator of webmoney activity.💬 Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition (English Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition - an adapted version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition for the universal Windows 10 platform/attentionattention🔶 Key feature
- Unlimited creation options: build huge castles, villages, cities, mines and much, much more!
- Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition offers new, improved solutions: enjoy a polished, more optimized and smoother Minecraft with many new skins and texture packs
- Play with friends: create your own server and create epic designs with other players
- Chat with other players via Xbox Live
- Export and download world files
- Beautifully designed, randomly generated endless worlds./attentionattention🔨Instructions for activating (using) the product:
You need to activate the key here:
If you have any problems with Windows, you need to update Windows here:


31.07.2021 9:56:19
30.07.2021 23:05:51
Пришлось изрядно потрахаться с ВПН. т.к. не хотел подключаться к майкрософту через аргентину. Но в конце все вышло! Продавцу спасибо
30.07.2021 17:13:01
топ все работает
30.07.2021 16:25:17
30.07.2021 10:41:39
30.07.2021 9:23:12
Working thanks bro
30.07.2021 4:46:51
спасибо все работает...а что за подарок?
30.07.2021 0:50:25
thx u <3
29.07.2021 21:44:41
Ключ активировался без всяких проблем)
Бесплатный впн с Аргентиной: FlashVPN
29.07.2021 20:17:07
I got the game! Thanks! c: