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⏩ After payment you will receive an activation code for Minecraft Java Edition. The activation code will be sent to your mail immediately after payment. More detailed information about the product will be presented below.*************************** *****************************
Title: Minecraft Java Edition
Activation: Minecraft
Product type: Activation code
Region of activation (use): Region Free
Validity: Unlimited
Guarantee: Yes
************************************************* ******⭐️ The reliability of your purchase is guaranteed by OUR STORE.
We are the largest store on the PLATI MARKET trading platform with over 3 years of experience. We are among the top 13 PLATI MARKET sellers.
📈 Our store had over 50,000 sales on PLATI MARKET, 5,000 of them with positive reviews and only 16 negative reviews. Also, an important indicator is our BUSINESS WEBMANI LEVEL (BLR) - 260 units, which is an indicator of webmoney activity.💬 Minecraft: Java Edition is the original version of Minecraft developed by Mojang AB for Windows, macOS and Linux. Markus Persson ("Notch") began development on May 10, 2009, with a public release on May 17, 2009. Officially released on November 18, 2011, at MineCon 2011attention🔶 Key Features
-Potentially endless world for players to explore. Procedurally generated as you travel further, there is always something to surprise.
-Multiple game modes, each designed for its own gameplay, from survival to exploration and limitless creativity. -Join your friends and work wonders together.
- By interacting with mobs, from wild animals to monsters, Minecraft ensures that you never feel alone in its vast world. Fight them, herd them or eat them, you are the king of the earth.
-Other dimensions to explore: The Void and the Ultimate Realm await only on the other side of the portals you can create.
-The day and night cycle changes the game between safe exploration and the fight to survive as monsters arrive at night.
-Reliable online community giving tips and obscure crafting recipes.
-If you feel like the limitations of other games are too limiting, you have limitless imagination waiting to be released, or you are enjoying hardcore survival games, Minecraft is the game for you./attentionattention💎This product is also available in the following versions: XBOX 360 Xbox One PlayStation 3 PlayStation 4 OS X Linux Android IOS./attentionattention🔨Instructions for activating (using) the product:
To activate the key, go to and click "register with Mojang" or login if you are already registered. Select "redeem gift code or prepaid card" and enter the code./attention/delivery


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