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ORDERING AND DELIVERY OF THE FIFA 20 Ultimate Team in a safe (comfortable) way:
To purchase, your account must have at least 3k coins.
1.1 Contact me through private messages to clarify the number of coins and delivery dates.
1.2. Pay for the purchase at the top right of the page. You can enter the number of coins (1k = 1 thousand) or the purchase amount, after choose the payment method that suits you and click on the BUY button. Then follow the instructions.
1.3 After payment, you need to inform me of the received unique code, after which I will begin to execute the order. </ attention>2.1 The essence of the method is to expose an expensive player from one account at a low price and buy from another account. After that, already sell it at a market price and thus make a profit. This method minimizes the risks as much as possible (But risks will always be, since buying coins, you violate the rules of the game).
2.2 For transfer, you need to tell us the login of ORIGIN and password of the origin.
2.3 If for some reason you do not want to give access to the account, you can buy with transfer through the transfer of players (DANGER). This method of transferring coins has an increased risk! Before payment, you need to contact me via private messages to clarify the possibility of transferring this method
2.4 If you want us to compensate EA´s commission (5%) leave a positive feedback immediately after payment.</ attention>Do not know how to leave a review for
To do this, go to in the "My purchases" section, enter your e-mail address when making purchases and follow the instructions to get a list of the items you bought. Select a product, and leave feedback at the bottom of the page. </ attention>ATTENTION! Under the rules of the game it is prohibited to buy game currency or any other transactions for real money, in case of sanctions from the administration of the game, we do not bear any responsibility for your team or for the money spent. By paying for a purchase, you agree to take full responsibility for yourself. We recommend to spend coins immediately after receiving them.
In FIFA 20 added a new item to the user agreement. It looks like this: "in no case is it possible to engage in targeted accumulation of coins." In this regard, we recommend after buying coins, and even after selling expensive players from the packs immediately spend coins. </ attention>attentionDelivery of coins takes from 15 to 120 minutes. Please check with the operator in advance. </ Attention>
Why choose us?
- TopGameCoins already as 5 years in the online trading of gaming values
- A huge number of successful sales and positive feedback.
- Webmoney certificate with high business level
- Opening hours from 8.00 to 1.00 (MSK) </ attention>Thank you for being with us and having a good game! </ attention>


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Быстро и качественно!
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very good !!
09.09.2020 21:48:34
Все отлично
09.09.2020 0:47:49
отличный продавец!
27.08.2020 12:38:07
Отличный продавец!!! Всем рекомендую!!!
23.08.2020 17:20:04
Всё отлично
16.08.2020 18:22:16
спасибо, месяц назад покупал, забыл отзыв оставить ) всё чётко
16.08.2020 12:36:59
11.08.2020 10:03:14
Все хорошо