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Welcome to Minecraft, a world that depends entirely on your imagination.
Do whatever you want! A modest farm, a majestic palace or a unique playground for you and your friends - at your disposal everything you need to implement absolutely any idea.
The immense world is randomly generated every time, and you will always find in it a suitable place for the realization of your grandiose plans. Of course, you will have to start small: having settled down on a snowy hill, in a dense forest or a desert scorched by the sun, you can begin to level the land and build your first house. Cut trees and mine stone, create the necessary tools, plant plants and breed animals, share the fruits of your labor with other users, fight night monsters ... Simply put, fantasize and create, explore and try to survive!

Activation: Xbox Live
Region: Worldwide (Region free)

Activation using the Xbox One console:
-Load the “Home” screen (make sure you are logged in) and go right to the “Store”
-In "Categories" select "Games."
-Select the option “Use code”.
-Select the option “enter 25-digit code” and enter the code

Activation via web browser:
-Launch a web browser and go to:
- Log in using your Microsoft credentials.
-Enter the activation code and click "Next"; Follow the instructions to confirm.


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