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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$5 the discount is 2%
$10 the discount is 3%
$20 the discount is 4%
$50 the discount is 6%
$100 the discount is 11%
$150 the discount is 15%
$200 the discount is 20%
$250 the discount is 25%
Works for the United States of America and most European countries. Works for Turkey, Angola, Poland and other countries.

By purchasing a product, you confirm that you know how to use these coupons (using a clean IP address, using an incognito browser, randomizing recipient´s data, paying for an order using YandexMoney or WebMoney or a NEW card).
If these rules are violated, the order may be closed.

After placing an order, be sure to go to the "My Orders" section, make sure that the order is awaiting payment, and only then make the payment.

Account verification may be required via SMS (it is possible to use a personal phone or online SMS services). Requests to unblock an account or issue a replacement in this case are ignored!

If there is no coupon on the account, a replacement is issued, for other reasons, a refund or replacement is not issued.

The validity period of the coupon is limited (on average, the coupon is valid for 1-3 days, unless otherwise indicated in the description), after purchase, you must check the validity period and place an order no later than this period.
Responsibility for the fate of the account and coupon after the purchase and verification of the denomination lies entirely on the shoulders of the buyer. Claims like (order closed, coupon burned out, I didn´t manage to use coupon) are ignored!

Aliexpress has the right to complete any promotion / sale at any time, including the ability to place an order with these coupons. The performance of coupons is guaranteed at the time of sale of accounts. In simple words, "do not delay placing an order after purchasing an account."

By making an account purchase, you confirm that you have read the description of the lot and agree with all the conditions. Otherwise, we recommend refraining from buying!


08.04.2021 8:49:54
Adamın dibi
07.04.2021 21:51:16
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03.04.2021 6:58:19
31.03.2021 13:15:29
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16.03.2021 15:22:55
+rep it works :)
21.02.2021 23:42:16
Good experience
17.02.2021 15:25:46
thanks no problem
04.02.2021 2:01:31