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You buy a shared STEAM account with the game Cyberpunk 2077 and Grand Theft Auto V

- After the purchase, you will be given a login and password from the steam account, playing after installation is possible only in offline mode.
- Mail and password cannot be changed. (the purchased account remains with you forever)

Please leave a positive review after successful purchase of your account!

⭐️⭐️⭐️ Sale of other Steam products:

For all questions, you can contact those support.
1. Download the Steam client from the official site and install.
2. Follow the instructions given after purchase.

Please leave a positive review after successful activation of the game!

Tech support :


24.08.2021 18:45:02
Аккаунт выдали , а когда возникла проблема то Поддержка помогла
29.07.2021 19:08:28
Всё норм зашёл на аккаунт. Осталось загрузить и пойду играть :)
06.06.2021 14:50:03
Все работает товар пришёл.(проблему продовец решил быстро)
08.04.2021 19:48:48
Все отлично проблему решили очень быстро. Покупайте
02.03.2021 12:51:12
хороший магазин покупаю не в первый раз уже и каждый раз дают замену всем советую этот сайт
22.12.2020 7:54:29
Been trying to get a response from the seller so that i can change my password, i needed a steam guard code to change the email/password. Now after 2 days of playing on this account someone has changed the credentials.....