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Uploaded: 06.06.2021

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Seller: schnauze

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Activation: Microsoft Store
Product type: Activation code
Activation (use) region: Argentina
Platform: PC/XBOX
To activate this game, you must upgrade the OS to Windows 10.
Install Hola VPN Chrome Extension and run it with Argentina region
Update Windows:
Activate the key here:

✅ IMPORTANT: the keys must be activated immediately after purchase. Warranty at time of sale.

Refund policy:
In order to receive a refund for any problem with the code, you must start recording the video ON THE PHONE and display the moment of payment and the moment of activating the code on it - WITHOUT GLASES, this should be one video. If I see that the code was actually used before or is available some other problem i will make a replacement.


12.06.2021 17:15:26

It´s not working. I was so happy that I´ve managed to set my account to Argentina, because it wasn´t that easy, but this changed nothing. Still i says I´ve purchased this code in a different region.
Please provide a working code.

11.06.2021 13:11:43
Спасибо вам большое! Супер быстро!
10.06.2021 13:44:54
10.06.2021 10:58:21
Все тип топ спасибо
05.06.2021 17:34:19
Все отлично, код активировал
04.06.2021 14:25:27
Всё отлично прошло. Всё акивировал,зароботало,спасибо
03.06.2021 10:22:54
Все работает! Активировал через сайт с vpn.
01.06.2021 11:44:20
I made video just in case something would go wrong, which didn´t. within a minute i received the code on my email and was able to activate straight away. just make sure you´re connected with any vpn to argentina.
30.05.2021 9:57:48
Nice codes!
28.05.2021 8:38:19
Всё круто!