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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$5 the discount is 10%
$25 the discount is 12%
$50 the discount is 15%
$100 the discount is 20%
$250 the discount is 25%
$500 the discount is 30%
🔥AliExpress 7.80$/7.81$ Coupons Work: TURKEY/USA/EUROPE/Baltic/Algeria/FR/DE/NL/IT/ES
Validity: until 10.04

No mail!
If you make frequent purchases with coupons, your orders may be closed, so these coupons are for advanced users only!
The guarantee is only for the presence of a coupon on your account! After the purchase, 3 hours are given to check the availability of the coupon and access to the account, after this time, claims will not be accepted! Responsibility for the fate of the account and coupon after the purchase and verification of the denomination lies entirely on the shoulders of the buyer. The coupon is valid only for goods, not for delivery!
Recommendations when registering goods using this coupon:
- Using incognito mode in the browser
- Using pure iP / VPN at the time of ordering
- With each new order, change / randomization of the recipient´s data
- After placing an order, open the "My Orders" tab, make sure that the product is awaiting payment, and then pay
- Payment for the order using digital currencies such as WebMoney or YandexMoney

If you do not follow the recommendations during checkout, the order may be closed, and the coupon may expire.
Use the purchased coupon in your account first!

Very rarely, but it can happen:
- Account verification via SMS (you need to use a mobile number or SMS service) Replacement is not issued.
- If you didn´t manage to use the coupon and it ran out of action lines, or the order was closed. No replacement will be issued.
- If there is no purchased coupon on the account. A replacement is issued.
- If you cannot enter your account using an incorrect username and password. A replacement is issued.

By making a purchase, you agree that you have read the description.

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