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When paying by credit card, choose payment via Thus, there are no commissions for payment.Immediately after payment you will receive a key to activate the Batman Zero Wing Glider skin.Skins are one of the best aspects of Fortnite because they add a lot of variety and expression to this battle royale experience and Batman Zero Wing Glider. is definitely no exception. Buy this Fortnite Batman Zero Wing Glider add-on. - don´t miss this great chance to enjoy the game to the fullest!/attentiondeliveryattentionHow to activate Batman Zero Wing Glide skin on PC?
If you would like to get the Fortnite skin, just follow the instructions below:
1. Activate the key following the link:
2. Log in to access your account or create a new one.
3. Enter the key received after payment in the appropriate field.
4. Make sure that when filling in your data is correct and confirm by clicking "Activate".
5. Congratulations! You will be notified that a Fortnite pack has been added to your account./delivery/attention


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