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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$25 the discount is 1%
$100 the discount is 2%
☝After payment you will receive an official Xbox Game Pass key for PC for 3 months.
Activation (use) region: USA Europe
The key is valid until 11/30/2021.🎁 After purchase, for a positive review, you will receive a gift certificate in the amount of 2 of the purchase price!
💰 Also automatically, you will receive a promo code in the amount of 2 for a purchase in our store!deliveryattentionFor other countries, you will need to change the country to USA, Europe and use VPN Hola Free VPN Proxy with the USA, Europe region.
Changing the delivery address and region of the Microsoft account occurs in the settings at this link:
If neither one nor the other helped - we create a new account using a VPN with the US region and during registration we indicate the country of residence of the US or Europe.

You can also try THIS way:
1) In Windows 10, go to the Start menu.
2) Enter "Regional Options" and open Regional Options.
3) Change the country or region to Germany and close the Regional parameters.
4) Open the Xbox app and at the top right, click on the profile and find "Settings".
5) Find Redeem code and press the ACTIVATE button, there should be a country Germany.
6) Enter the activation code and click Next.
7) Converting the status, click Continue.
8) Attach the payment method and click Confirm. (enter random data where necessary)

To activate the code, you need to link a bank card!
After the end of the subscription, you will be charged for its renewal at the current price at that time.
If you want to avoid charges, I advise you to unlink your payment data a day before the end of the subscription!
Also, if you change the country of your account to the USA, you will not be able to change the region back until 3 months have passed!
Therefore, when buying, keep in mind that there is a possibility that you will need to change the country of your account upon activation!/delivery/attention
Key activation.

1) Log into your Microsoft account.
2) Enter the 25-digit code received after payment, then click Next / next (
3) Select a payment method, enter your card details or PayPal.
4) Double-check that all data is correct and click Confirm.

❗We draw your attention to:
- Prohibition of resale of purchased keys (purchase for personal use only)
- The return of keys for reasons "could not activate", "did not read the description", NOT PRODUCED.
- All of our products are tested before being sold. The chance that you will come across an invalid or used product is extremely small, but recently there have been more cases of fraud on the part of buyers, so we ask all our buyers to record a video from the moment of purchase until the moment we activate our product. The video should not contain any splices, trimming, or interruptions. Videos are your GUARANTEES!👍 ADVANTAGES OF XBOX SHOP!

🏎 Delivery of goods occurs instantly and automatically.
👌 Great prices and bonus programs.
✔ Discounts for regular customers.
😉 Technical support 24/7.
😎 All XBOX SHOP products:


17.09.2021 18:41:29
Не с первой и даже не со второй попытки, но рабочий ключ продавец выдал. Все работает, как обещано :)
12.09.2021 18:48:44
12.09.2021 12:23:51
It´s working, thanks)
11.09.2021 17:03:48
Key was faulty, seller gave me another one
08.09.2021 12:52:09
Все круто
08.09.2021 0:40:06
Не использовал
03.09.2021 19:28:46