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🎮 Account for consoles XBOX ONE X|S & XBOX SERIES X|S with games:

📓 Publisher: UBISOFT
🔎 Category: Shooting

🎮 Far Cry® 6 Ultimate Edition
[ Ultimate version was purchased on the Account, it is possible that additional content for the game will not be available ]
📆 Release date: 07.10.2021
📄 Text: RUS | ENG • 🔊 Voice acting: RUS | ENG • 🔤 Subtitles: RUS | ENG
📝 Game Description: Far Cry® 6 is a story about a revolution in the modern world. The dictator of Yara, a real tropical paradise, Anton Castillo intends to restore the former greatness of the nation at any cost. His son Diego helps him. Become a resistance fighter and destroy the criminal regime.

Anton Castillo, the dictator of Yara, intends to restore the former greatness of the nation at any cost. His son Diego helps him. But the flame of revolution flared up in the oppressed country.

- Your character is Dani Rojas, originally from Yara. Become a resistance fighter and free your people.
- In the largest Far Cry® game, jungle, beaches and the capital city of Esperanza await you.
- At your disposal - an arsenal of weapons, backpacks and vehicles to overthrow the regime.

🎁 Bonus Games on the Account ヅ

🎮 Far Cry® 3 Classic Edition
🎮 Far Cry® 4 Gold Edition
🎮 Far Cry® 5 Gold Edition
🎮 Far Cry® New Dawn Deluxe Edition
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12] "Did you receive the code?" ➡️ "I have not";
13] After you find yourself on the main screen;
14] “My games and applications” ➡️ “Full library” ➡️ “All my own games”, select the game, press “A” ➡️ “Install all” and wait until the game is fully downloaded.
15] The purchased Account is not deleted, enjoy the game!

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Все работает.
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Все круто, никаких проблем
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Все супер….
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Все отлично.
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Всё отлично но только экранное время всё портит
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Товар хороший качественно все сделали быстро только длс я не могу активировать
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Все отлично! Спасибо продавцу!
22.10.2021 17:05:46
Спасибо продавцу, отвечает быстро, однозначно рекомендую!!!
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Продавец быстро отвечает
09.10.2021 0:53:06
Хороший продавец, ответил быстро) рекомендую