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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$5 the discount is 10%
After payment, you will instantly get access to a shared account for 12 months with an Xbox Game Pass For Xbox X/S and PC subscription!

You will have access to a library of 250 games! Among them are such hits as: UFC FIFA NHL NBA MORTAL COMBAT and many more top ones!

With this account, you will be able to download the games included in the Xbox Game Pass subscription for Console and PC and play them on your profile UNDER YOUR PERSONAL XBOX LIVE ACCOUNT ONLINE *


Download games from our profile and play on your personal
The game is not attached to your profile, but you will have PERMANENT access to the game!
All saves and achievements will be on your account
The game will have YOUR NICKNAME from the XBOX Live profile, saves and achievements are tied to it, and if you have already played (for example, through Xbox Game Pass) you can CONTINUE THE GAME, all saves and achievements will remain!

Before purchasing a product, please check that the game you are interested in meets the minimum requirements of your computer. If your computer does not meet the minimum requirements of the game, then we are not responsible for the product you purchase.

General information:

Activation is available on Xbox 360/ONE x/s and PC with Windows 10.
Activation DOES NOT FLY when reinstalling Windows and deleting the account with the game from the Microsoft Store!
(You can always restore access to the game (and your save) by re-logging into your account according to the instructions
You can change any components of your PC, including the CPU!
THIS IS ACTIVATION of our account with the game ON YOUR PC in the MICROSOFT STORE. You pay for One activation per 1 PC. The game is activated by logging into our account.
An Xbox Game Pass subscription automatically renews. Subscription will be valid for exactly 12months
Access to the account is provided for 12 months from the date of purchase of the goods.
The account is the property of the seller and is not transferred to you. It is FORBIDDEN to change the login, password and other account data! You only get the right to use the account.
All Windows Store games work with online play and all online features of the game, as well as Xbox Live saves and achievements on your personal profile (which you create yourself, you will start the game from the very beginning)
Also, the game itself will be updated in real time to the latest version (PATCHES) without loss of activation (for free, without our participation)
By purchasing, you automatically agree to the description and terms.

RULES for using the account

- It is forbidden to sign in to your account on Microsoft sites ( or!)
- It is forbidden to play from the purchased account! (purchased account is used only for downloading games)
- IT IS FORBIDDEN TO RESALE / EXCHANGE / TRANSFER data from the account to third parties!
- It is forbidden to change ANY account data!
- It is forbidden to change the region and protection information!
- It is forbidden to install on more than one PC!
- It is forbidden to link payment methods to the purchased account and make purchases!
To activate you must have:

- Windows 10 x64, it is recommended to install the latest version
- XBOX Live account (registration here -

What you need to do before activation on a PC:

- Enable Windows Update Service (If disabled)
- Open "Settings" (Win + I) --> Accounts --> Login Options.
We delete the PIN code if it exists, the game may NOT WORK with it!
- Make sure that you have no problems installing applications through the Microsoft Store
- Run the XBOX program (beta version), it is standard, or download from the Windows Store. Log in with your personal account.
- And the most important thing! Sign out of your Windows Store account!


1. Go to the store under the purchased account through the Microsoft Store application, if it requires a pin code, enter your pin code that you set in Windows 10.
IMPORTANT - If Microsoft asks you to confirm your sign-in when signing in, contact your reseller to receive a security code.
2. Download the game.
3. After downloading, you can launch the game through a shortcut in the Store application (Downloads and Updates section), or through the Start menu.
4. To play, you need to be logged in with your personal account in the Xbox app on Windows 10.
5. In no case DO NOT DELETE the account through which the game was activated from Windows, the game will stop working!
6. The game uses your personal profile and the Xbox app, which you can find on your PC or in the Microsoft Store.


13.06.2022 15:05:39
Продавец общительный,спасибо всё хорошо работает.
28.05.2022 18:39:14
Продавец лучший, было куча проблем но продавец все объяснил и помог.
Выгодная покупка, всем советую.
21.05.2022 18:48:56
Всё работает
06.05.2022 18:10:21
work XD
24.03.2022 13:26:36
Всё отлично, продавец честный, правда долго отвечал! Но в итоге все ок!
20.02.2022 10:11:27
данные получил! подписка работает!