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Uploaded: 03.07.2022

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Seller: Luxtake

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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$20 the discount is 3%
$50 the discount is 5%
$100 the discount is 10%
$500 the discount is 12%
You will be the first owner of this account.
Account Currency: Argentine Peso (ARS)
Account is limited.
To access the community market, you need to replenish the balance by $5
More details:
After payment you will receive:
Login and password for Steam account.
Login for original email.
There are no game locks, phone bindings and games on the account.

How to change email:

1) Begin email changing procedure on the Steam website.
2) When Steam request a code from actual email, go to the website you got after the payment.
3) In field "Steam login" insert the LOGIN you got after the payment.
4) In field "Email" insert the EMAIL you got after the payment.
5) Click on "Get a code" button and copy a code.

(1) Can I link my original (Family Library Sharing) Steam account with the Argentina Steam Account?
💡Yes. If buyer have an existing account, they can linked it with the Argentina Steam account. All the games in both account will be accessible without switching account.

(2) How to deposit money on Steam?
💡 Buy a Steam Wallet Card that supports activation in Argentina.
💡For the second and subsequent deposits, you can use "Electronic Gift Cards" (those that can be bought on Steam). And give them from an account registered in your local currency and pay with local payment methods
💡🔴You can´t top up your Argentine account directly with bank cards or PayPal!


28.06.2022 20:08:25
Отлично, всё работает!
24.06.2022 18:21:27
Всё отлично, работает без проблем.
20.06.2022 2:02:24
Все отлично!
16.06.2022 12:31:47
Прекрасный продавец , доставка товара производится очень оперативно
11.06.2022 10:25:20
Работает всё как надо
10.06.2022 22:54:16
Всё отлично. Быстро. Спасибо продавцу.
09.06.2022 12:33:25
everything went smooth. account is working and is accepting TL gift cards
05.06.2022 18:10:59
Прислали данные сразу, все ок. Сменил почту, стим пару раз выругался на левый ip адрес, пришлось дважды запрашивать через сервис продавца пароль на смену почты. Все ок, акк рабочий, через подарочные карты закинул валюту и купил что хотел :)
04.06.2022 1:39:31
Thx bro!
01.06.2022 18:27:45
все быстро, поменял на свои данные, Аккаунт рабочий! Спасибо продавцу!)